Why is my nbn™ running slowly?

Modified on Thu, 02 Nov 2023 at 04:34 PM

If your nbn™ is running slowly, there's a few things to check. If you've tried all of these things and are still being impacted by slow speeds, contact us and we can raise a fault to nbn™.

Things to try:

  1. Powercycle
    Turn your modem (and nbn™ box, if you have one) off and on again. This will refresh your connection to the network.

  2. Check for planned work
    You may be experiencing slower speeds due to planned maintenance work on the nbn™ network. You can check that here.

  3. WiFi performance
    The location of, and your distance from, your modem can impact your nbn™ speeds. To see if this is impacting you, we recommend trying to connect your device with an ethernet cable to see if this improves your speed. If it does, then you can try relocating your modem modem to a more central position. If you're still having issues, or aren't able to move your modem to a more central location, you may want to look at purchasing a modem with an inbuilt signal booster. Goodtel sell these, and you can contact us for more info.

  4. Device congestion
    In todays world we are connecting more devices than ever to home broadband. If you are using multiple devices at the same time to connect to your home WiFi, you may want to upgrade your nbn™ plan. We've created a guide for which plans match which households types here: What are your nbnᵀᴹ plans, and which is best for me?
  5. Are you using a VPN?

    The use of a VPN may slow down your nbn™ service. A VPN is often used to access overseas networks or systems, for example to try and access Netflix in USA. These VPNs are often based overseas and route traffic via different routes over the internet. If you are using one of these and finding your nbn™ service is running slowly, please try disabling the VPN to see if this is the cause of your slow speed.

Is your internet not just slow, but completely out? 

We can help with that. Start a chat with Goodie bot (in the bottom right hand corner), and he'll ask you about the status of different lights on your modem and nbn™ box. If he can't help you fix the problem, he'll raise a fault direct to nbn™ for you.

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